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Allotment of Fund for Salary from September to November 2021 (Hills)

Download the allotment of fund under the following Major Head of Accounts 220280001010001 220201001010001 220201101190001 220201104190001 220202109240001 220204001210001

Allotment of Fund for Salary for Sep. – Nov., 2021 (Valley)

1. ZEOs and DIs 2. ZEOs and DIs 3. Schools 4. Zone-II, III and Kakching 5. ZEOs 6. Engineering Wing 7. NCC

Recruitment of Office Assistant (OA) – 2021

Notification – OA Recruitment

GPF Sanctioned order and Allotment of Fund under the Addl. Director of Education(S/Valley), Manipur.

Download GPF Sanction Order and Allotment of Fund for the following Ceiling Limit Months April, 2021 Sanction Fund Allotment May, 2021 Sanction Fund Allotment June, 2021 Sanction Fund Allotment July, 2021 Sanction Fund Allotment

Allotment of Additional Fund for payment of Salary under Addl. Director, Edn(S/Hills)

Download here 220201101190001 Download here 220201104190001 Download here 220202109240001

Allotment of fund for payment of salary for months of July and August -2021 under Addl. Director of Edn(S/Valley)

Download the allotment of fund under the following major Heads (i) 220202109240001 (ii) 220400102170001 (iii) 220280800030001 (iv) 220280001010001 (v) 220204001210001 (vi) 220201104190001 (vii) 220201101190001 (viii) 220201001010001