Allotment of fund for payment of Salaries for the month upto January 2020 under the Addl. Dirctor (S/Hills)

Download allotment of Fund for the following Account Heads (1) 220280001010001 (2) 220201001010001 (3) 220201101190001 (4) 220201104190001 (5) 220202109240001 (6) 220204001210001

Allotment of Funds for payment of Salaries for the month of January 2020 under the Additional Director, Education(S/Valley)

Download Allotment of Fund under Account Heads (i) 2202-02-109-24-0001 (ii) 2202-80-00l-0l-000l (iii) 2202-80-800-03-0001 (iv) 2202-04-001-21-000l (v) 2202-0l-104-19-0001 (vi) 2202-0l-101-19-0001 (vii) 2202-01-001-01-0001

Allotment of Funds

Download Fund allotment Details ZEO chandel ZEO CCpur and DI Moreh Chadong HS Liwa chaning and Hundung Kaziphung