Allotment of Fund under Addl. Director, Education(S/Hills), Manipur

Download the allotment of Funds under the following Account Heads; 220202001010011, 220202109240011,…… for payment of TA/DA 220202109240001 for payment of salaries/ Medical reimbursement 220201101190001 for Payment of Senior Scale, Trained Scale and ACP Arrear. 220201101190001 for payment of Medical reimbursement 220201001010001 for meeting expenditure for payment of monthly salary for the period upto February, 2020

Allotment of Additional Fund under the Addl. DIrector Education(S/V)

Download 220202109240001 Salary for the month upto February, 2020 220201101190001 Medical Reimbursement and Back Pay

Allotment of Additional Fund under Additional Director(S/H) for payment of Salaries for the period upto February, 2020

Download Detailed Allotment of Fund under the following Heads of Account 220201101190001 220201104190001 220202109240001

Re-allotment and addl. allocation of Fund for Salary to SSA and RMSA (03.03.2020)

1. Re-allotment of fund – RMSA 2. Re-allotment of fund – SSA 3. Addl. Fund – RMSA

Allotment of Fund for payment of Salaries up to the month of February, 2020 under Addl. Director (H), Education(S)

Download Allotment of Fund details under the following Heads: 220201001010001 220201101190001 220201104190001 220202109240001 220204001210001 220280001010001

Allotmentment of Fund for Payment of Salaries for the period upto February 2020 under Addl. Director(V), Education(S)

Download allotment fund details under the fund heads; 220201001010001 220202109240001 Additional Fund allotment under the following fund heads 220201101190001 220201104190001 220204001210001 220280001010001 220280800030001

Allocation of Fund for Payment of Salary to SSA and RMSA Teachers (28.02.2020)

1. RMSA Fund for July – September, 2019 (3 Months) 2. SSA Fund for August – October, 2019 (3 Months)