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Forms/ Formats in ANNEXURE A-2 and A/1, List of Discipline for Appointment of Sportspersons to Class-III & IV

Download Annexure A-2 for Meritorious Spots Persons Annexure-I List of Discipline for Appointment of Sports persons

Government schools need image makeover

By: Ranjan Yumnam Are Government schools bad per se? This is a very subjective question and not all of our answers would necessarily be the same. But guess what, majority of the answers would border on the negative. And this wrong notion is what precisely this article seeks to dispel or at least try to… Read more »

RMSA to transform secondary education

Rashtriya Madhyamik Shiksha Abhiyan (RMSA) is a new centrally sponsored scheme for universalisation of access to and improvement of quality at secondary stage (class IX-XII). The objective of the scheme is to achieve a General Enrolment Ratio (GER) of 75% for classes IX-X within 5 years by providing a secondary school within a reasonable distance… Read more »

School Meet: A Success Story

By Oinam Anand There were full of life and activities during the last week of September 2009 in the Khuman Lampak Sports Complex, Imphal. The Sports complex was full with students coming from nine districts of Manipur to meet for the second time in the School Meet-2009. The weather God was also kind enough to… Read more »

Dark Days of Education

The suspension of classes in the educational institutes in Manipur is an unfortunate episode in the modern times. We have been clamoring at every given opportunity that education should be made a free zone. We thought this was a common realization and will be a non-negotiable article of faith for all those concerned with the… Read more »

Lets Interact

At the department of education (S), we have been consciously trying to initiate innovative ways to engage with the public and our main clientele, who are the students, teachers and parents should also become a part of this constant interaction. We should take advantage of the medium of this website to enlarge and enrich this… Read more »