Orders – In-charge Head Master/ DDOship

1. Heibongpokpi High School 2. Ibemcha High School 3. Mayanglangjing High School 4. Praja High School 5. Sagolmang Hr. Sec. School 6. Sardar Patel High School, Khurkhul 7. SK Ideal High School 8. SK Ideal HS (Appointment of T. Babudhon Singh as HM)

Allocation of Fund for Salary i.r.o. SSA and RMSA Teachers for 2 Months (Date: 18.03.2020)

1. RMSA Fund (Oct-Nov, 2019) 2. RMSA Authorization – Rs. 9.76 Crore 3. SSA Fund (Nov-Dec, 2019) 4. SSA Authorization – Rs. 19.50 crore

Allotment of fund for payment of pending remuneration to erstwhile contract Lecturers (Date: 13.03.2020)

Click Here to download the fund allotment copy Government’s Sanction Order