Superannuation of 6 (Six) Employees – VALLEY

1. 3 AGTs and 1 Matron 2. S. Lalmani Singh, HM of Kalinagar P/S 3. W. Landhoni Devi, PT of Ningombam Jr. H/S

Integration and Absorption of Primary, Upper Primary and Graduate Teachers under SSA-RMSA into Education(S) Department

1. Order of Integration 2. Annexure-I (Primary Teachers) 3. Annexure-II (Upper Primary Teachers) 4. Annexure-III (Graduate Teachers)

GPF Fund Allotment for April-May, 2020 Ceiling (Hills)

1. April, 2020 Ceiling 2. May, 2020 Ceiling

Transfer of ZEOs and DI

1. Transfer of DI 2. Transfer of ZEOs

Orders (Regularisation and Posting) in respect of Special Teachers and Resource Person under SSA and RMSA

Download 1. Here Regularization of Order of 6(six) Employees 2. Posting Order