Notification regarding Direct recruitment to the posts of Graduate Teachers (RMSA), inviting the Claims and Objections

Download Notification regarding the Direct recruitment to the Posts of Graduate Teacher(RMSA) Click Here for Detailed Lists of Marks in respect of AGT(RMSA) Click Here for Detailed Lists of Marks in respect of SGT(RMSA) Click Here for Detailed Lists of Marks in respect of MGT(RMSA) Click Here for Detailed Lists of Marks in respect of… Read more »

Reject List & Allotment/Retention of Roll Numbers – Recruitment to Graduate Teachers (RMSA)

1. Reject List of Candidates who applied for GT(RMSA) {File Size – 518 kb} 2. New Allotment/ Retention of Roll Nos. to candidates who applied for GT(RMSA)

Viva Voce Schedule for appointment to the post of Upper Primary Teachers (SSA)

1. List of shortlisted UPT(Science) candidates for Viva Voce 2. List of shortlisted UPT(Mathematics) candidates for Viva Voce 3. List of shortlisted UPT(Social Science) candidates for Viva Voce 4. Issue of new Roll Nos. to 116 candidates of UPT(SSA) 5. Acceptance of claims to 3 more candidates of UPT(SSA) 6. Correction of names & marks… Read more »

Mandatory Instruction to Candidates of Direct Recruitment of Office Assistant(OA) under Education(S)

Download Instruction to Direct Recruit Candidates of Office Assistants

Notification regarding the Centre Allotment and Re-allotment of Roll Numbers due to duplications in respect of direct recruitment of Office Assistant (OA) ..

Download Here for Notification Click Her Annexure-I, Re-allocation of Roll Numbers. Click Here for Annexure-II, Centre Allocation. Click Here Annexure-III, for Reject List

Notification regarding List of Reject Applications in respect of UPT(SSA)……. for more information, download from the links given below

Download Notification CLICK HERE Annexure-I CLICK HERE Annexure-II CLICK HERE Annexure-III