Fund for Salary to SSA Teachers (Feb-May, 2017)

Click Here to Download Fund Allotment Authorisation of Rs. 33.9165

RMSA – Allotment of Fund for Salary upto July, 2017

1. RMSA Fund for the months upto July, 2017 2. Authorisation – Rs. 2.08 Crore 3. Authorisation – Rs. 24.95 Crore

Donations to Chief Minister’s Relief Fund for the Flood Affected People

1. Donation of Rs. 25,910/- by Directorate Staff 2. Donation of Rs. 13,200/-by Hindi Secondary School 3. Donation of Rs. 7,800/- by Staff of Rengkai Hr. Sec. School 4. Donation of Rs.11,950/- by Schools in Wangoi Zone 5. Donation of Rs. 500/- by Teaching Staff of Langathel Mandakini Upper PS